Our mission is to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty in African nations who are subject to war, persecution, poverty and famine.

Africa – Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan

To The Uttermost Parts Of The Earth.

Calvary Relief International (CRI) is a non-profit, Christian organization working directly with local pastors and other established ministries in Africa.

Have You Ever Wondered

What It Would Be Like?



West Africa


South Sudan



Northern Kenya

 Is God calling you to “CRI” for impoverished people?


“By this all people will know that you

are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:35

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We invite you to “CRI” with us!

Give The Gift Of A Changed Life.

  • East African Drought
  • Emergency Food
  • Clean Water
  • Medical Assistance
  • $50/m Feeds the hungry
  • Pastoral Training / Support
  • Church Planting / Support
  • Bible Schools / Discipleship
  • Church Construction
  • $50/m Support a pastor
  • Scholarships
  • “Our Daily Bread” feeding programs in schools
  • School Supplies
  • Building Projects
  • $40/m Supports Education


  • Project “CRI for Kenya”
  • Community Wells
  • Adult Education
  • Job Training
  • Agricuture / Small business
  • $50/m To change a life

For He will rescue the poor who cry out and the afflicted who have no helper.  He will spare the poor and will save the souls of the needy. He will redeem their life from oppression and violence…” Psalm 72:12-14

CRI – Loving people in Word & in deed


Wherever we go and whatever we do we offer more than just physical help, we offer hope in Jesus Christ.     His love for people (the Gospel) is the driving force behind CRI and leading people to Him is the heart of our mission.

There are several ways to partner with CRI.

How will you respond?

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Please pray for the message of Jesus Christ to continue impacting lives through CRI  in these destitute areas and beyond.

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Consistency creates sustainablility. 

Your automatic recurring donations  allow us to help more people today as well as tomorrow.

It wouldn’t take a lot If we all worked together!


Travel to Kenya, with us in Feb. 2019.

Get involved in food distributions, medical teams, children’s outreach, pastor/leader conferences, hut to hut evangelism or construction projects.

You can make a difference!

Get Involved

Vollunteer! Are you or someone you know gifted in photography, videography, graphic design or social media? HELP!

Become a CRI Representative. Raise awareness & make the mission of CRI known in your church.

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Loving the Worlds Most Vulnerable in Jesus’ Name