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Project “CRI for Kenya”

Severe and wide-spread droughts have devastated many remote tribal communities throughout Kenya causing extreme malnutrition and starvation. The lack of rain has also killed a staggering number of cattle, goats and camels which  the people depend on for trade and for food. Imagine if you can, having no access to clean drinking water – very little food – sickness – no chance of education for your kids – and no work to be found. This is daily life for thousands in Kenya today!

The Kenyan Government has declared a “State of Emergency” and is appealing to religious and other relief organizations for help.

How CRI is Helping…

Remote Ministry Base for the Samburu, Turkana & Pokot tribal peoples

  • Phase One Complete: CRI team member Pastor Steven Ereng recently finished several building projects on our 3 acre plot in northern Kenya. Completed projects include – a church and a home (8’x8′) with fencing and a “long drop” latrine. We also built a chicken coop and small vendor shacks for selling veggies, chickens and eggs to passers by.
  • Phase Two in Motion: August 2019, The long awaited borehole (well) is finally getting started! Phase one will cover mobilization of equipment and man power to drill up to 600 feet and the installation of 6″ casing. The completion of this project will require another $20,000 to install a generator, pump house, pumps, holding tanks and irrigation lines. God is truly faithful!  This well will serve hundreds of Samburu tribal people in the community by providing a reliable source of drinking water. This well will also be large enough to irrigate several acres of farm land and many livestock animals too.
  • Future Phase Three Projects on this property: We are preparing to build a school, an orphanage, a health clinic, and a community center for adult education as well as storage facilities for emergency food distribution & emergency supplies.
  • Ongoing Small Business Loans & Job Training; including but not limited to – Raising food for profit – Transportation – Construction – Auto Mechanics – Sewing – Manufacturing – Teacher Training, etc

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