Reaching out to Impoverished Children

For years, Calvary Relief International has been raising funds to educate and care for a “lost generation” impacted by civil war, poverty, and disease.

When you designate your monthly donations to CRI’s Education Fund, you contribute to the provision of school construction, scholarships, teachers, school supplies, and uniforms for those in need.

Your generous gift also supports “Our Daily Bread” School Feeding Programs, ensures access to clean drinking water, and facilitates visits from in-school doctors.

Southern Kenya:

Maasai Primary School: Over 300 impoverished Maasai tribal children currently attend.

Maasai High School: Construction has begun , and $100,000 of the needed $225,000 has been raised.

Northern Kenya:

Scholarships: CRI covers school tuition for numerous orphaned and displaced tribal children in an area plagued by tribal wars between the Pokot, Samburu, and Turkana.

Burundi & The Congo: (Central Africa)

Scholarships: Over 100 school scholarships are now provided for displaced “Pygmy Children” whose families have fled the horrors of war in the Congo.

Liberia: (West Africa)

Scholarships: Hundreds of tuitions are granted to under-privileged Liberian children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school.

Thank you for your support!