Mexico - Casa Esperanza

Calvary Relief International has been the primary support for “Casa Esperanza” and “Casa School” since it’s beginnings in 1998. “Casa” is a home for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, rape, & poverty. We provide hope in Jesus, safety, food, a warm bed, an education, job training & biblical counseling.


The following is their story.


Humble Beginnings

In 1998, Teresa McFetridge was sent out by her home church, CC Sonora, California as a missionary to Mexico. She started working in the farming camps south of Ensenada, Baja California. “Hermana Terry” was instantly loved by everyone. After just a few years her ministry began to grow and she needed to make some decisions, so she asked the Lord, “What should I do with all these women and children who are abandoned and abused that You have put in my path?” The one thing she did know was that the love of Jesus Christ was what could bring lasting change.

In 2001, she rented a five bedroom house by faith and began filling it up with women in need of a safe haven. Her vision was to share the gospel of Jesus, the one who brings salvation, healing, freedom, and a new way of life to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence, rape and poverty.

In 2003, a two acre parcel of land was purchased with the hope of one day building a larger home with a garden, an orchard, and some animals to help provide for their needs.

By February 2005 the first building was completed and Casa Esperanza had a new home!

in 2010, “Casa” was turned over to two local couples. The dirrectors, Samuel & and his wife Yasmin are working together with Gabriel & Gabriela in order to minister to these families spiritually and physically.

Update 2017

“Casa” now has several buildings on their property and God has been faithful to provide a home for 15+ women and around 35+ children. Once our moms find jobs they are encouraged to save up and buy a piece land. At the end of their stay with us they are teamed up with other Christian “House Building Ministries” that will help them get established in a new home.

In 2008 – “Casa School” was opened to educate “Casa Kids” and the poverty stricken children of Oaxacan farm workers who live near by.

Construction of a new school building is under way (Nov. 2017) and CRI is now raising the finances needed to complete the project and to buy chairs, desks, chalk boards, books, and school supplies.

Casa School is now offering a Christian education to more children who otherwise would not be able to go to school. They are teaching children to read and to love God’s Word – raising up out of the ashes – a new generation of pastors, nurses, engineers, and community leaders.

If God has touched your heart to give – you can designate your monthly donations to “Casa School.” Your gift will change young lives and give the poor and abused a living hope in Jesus!


Casa Esperanza is located in Maneadero, Baja California, Mexico about 80 miles south of the US/Tijuana border, 15 miles south of Ensenada.

You are welcome to visit them on your own or we invite you (and your team) to join us on our next visit. We would love to introduce you and your church to this rewarding ministry and to these beautiful people. Contact us for more information.


From the Staff at Casa Esperanza (Translated)


At Casa Esperanza we have a God first approach to everything we do. When a new woman and her children first arrive at Casa Esperanza they are instantly enveloped by the love of Jesus Christ. They are given a room that has been prayed over, clothing that has come from families and individuals who love and support our ministry, and food prepared in our kitchen with individual care. The first three months that a family spends at Casa Esperanza is time designed to bring a mother and her children together for healing in a safe, protected place without all of the distractions of the world. The women spend this time getting themselves and their children settled into their new surroundings, transitioning into the chore rotation, attending Bible studies, learning parenting techniques and appropriate family behaviors, and attending church.

The first thing our new families learn when they enter Casa Esperanza is the power and necessity of prayer. We ask our children to pray before each meal, moms pray before we leave the ministry site, we pray over ministry teams who come to serve us, and we lift our needs up to the Lord throughout the day. Bible Study is taught each week night by director Samuel, and our home church pastor, Pastor Mario, teachs on Thursday evenings. We also attend church weekly at Calvary Chapel Horizonte in Chapultapec, which is near by.

We spend time counseling and discipling the women, focusing on the love and redemption that can only be found in Jesus Christ. An important part of our program involves teaching our moms to depend on the Lord for all of their needs. By learning to do so, they can avoid going back to abusive and dangerous relationships where they are depending on the men who previously hurt them. While some of our moms come to us as Christians, most others are just hearing about our Savior who sacrificed it all for us. We encourage our mothers to get involved in a ministry at our church once they begin to learn about God and His desire for us to serve others. Several of our current women are involved as directors and teachers in our nursery and Sunday School classes. One of our mothers and her oldest daughter are on our worship team. Many of the women come to accept the Lord and choose to be baptised while they are at Casa.

“Therefore, When my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices, my body also will rest secure.”

Psalms 16:9


Thank you and God bless you for standing in the gap for our moms and children!