Church Planting

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Church Planting 

There are several opportunities to partner with Calvary Relief International as we raise up Christ centered schools of ministry & churches in unreached communities throughout East Africa & beyond.

Schools of Ministry:

CRI has built & continues our monthly support of three Schools of Ministry. Two in Kenya & one in Burundi.

By of the end of 2022, we had trained, sent out & supported 65 new pastors. In 2023, we currently have 57 more who are studying.

  • It takes $30 per month to support a studying pastor.

Planting and building churches where no church exists: 

  • OUR Team is currently targeting over 300 Remote Villages in East Africa which have never heard the Name of Jesus AND have no church.
  • $10,000 builds a church in the African bush with an 8’x10′ house for the pastor, a pit latrine and buys a water tank and a motorcycle.
  • Average church size is 100 – 300 new believers. (Most, if not all the village are coming to Christ)!
  • Most of our churches are usually built “In The Bush” and are simple shelters of rocks, posts and corrugated metal.
  • We employ local labor for construction (whenever possible) in order to build relationships and to improve the local economy in our church plant communities.
  • Your church can team up with other US churches on a project or adopt a church plant of your own.
  • Pastoral Support is vital to planting healthy churches in the third world.
  • For around $75 a month we can support a national pastor and his family in full-time ministry in rural Africa.

Contact us for more information about getting involved in church planting projects in East Africa.

    At this time we have ongoing projects in… Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya with many others who are waiting for a helping hand.


    Your recurring monthly gifts to “Church Planting” helps us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups in Africa and around the world.