Church Planting

Planting Churches Where None Exist

In the last few years our team of trained pastors and leaders have successfully planted strong churches in over 125 unreached villages! They are spreading the biblical message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, the One who gave His life to take away the sins of the world.

Several of our dedicated pastors have bravely moved their families into remote villages, building relationships with the locals and fostering a sense of community among new believers. If living in some of the most impoverished villages is not possible, we provide our leaders with Motorcycles so they can return weekly to continue providing support and guidance.

Even though we have seen great success, our mission of reaching the unreached in hard to reach places is far from over. We have currently identified 300 remote villages in East Africa that have no church and have never heard the Name of Jesus.

With your help, CRI is committed to expanding our reach even further by continuing to raise up and support leaders who will “Go to the ends of the earth to make disciples” in places where seeds of the Gospel have never been sown before.

Pastoral support is crucial for establishing healthy churches in this part of the world.

For just $75 a month to “Church Planting” you can
sustain a national pastor and his family in rural Africa.