Spiritual Development

Equipping the Body of Christ

To Reach the Lost

We are now in the process of planting several churches and discipleship centers in and around our “Remote Tribal Ministry Bases” in Kenya (See Community Developement – “CRI for Kenya”). 

CRI is Developing Spiritual Leadership through…


  • Pastoral Training / Discipleship – With our help, Local pastors in several countries are now training others in Inductive Bible Study Methods, Basic Christian Doctrines and The Life of Christ, among many other themes.
  • Bible Schools, we are now praying about opening a two year Bible School in Uganda and a School of Ministry is already under way in northern Kenya raising up more pastors and leaders in east Africa and beyond. This school would also be open to students from around the world in order to help them to fulfill their ministry calling as well.
  • Organizing Pastor / Leader Conferences, working together with other U.S. pastors and leaders who travel with us to teach. Next trip will be in May 2019. There are too many false teachings which are being spread throughout the church world wide, mostly by well meaning but poorly trained “pastors & evangelists.” We are correcting bad doctrine with the truth of God‘s Word.  We are teaching leaders about the grace of God which was poured out on sinful man as a result of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. 
  • Pastoral Support is vital to planting healthy churches in the third world and developing countries. It often takes a 60 hour work week to barely support a family of six, if work is even to be found. We encourage our pastors to spend time with Jesus and devote every day to the study of God’s Word, prayer and ministry to God’s people. For around $100 a month we can support a local pastor and his family in full-time ministry in rural Africa.
  • The construction of church buildings is important because of the harsh climate in many of the countries in which we work. Our churches are usually simple shelters of sticks and mud or posts and corrugated metal.


Your recurring monthly gifts to “Spiritual Development” helps us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups in Africa and around the world.