Crisis Relief

Crisis Relief – East Africa

  • War – Drought – Famine – Extreme Weather – Flood – Earthquake – Tsunami – Wild Fire – Disease

Help CRI be ready with…

  • Food Distributions – Emergency Medical Aid – Clean Drinking Water –  Temporary Housing – Crisis Counseling – Blankets & other Lifesaving Supplies


January 2017 through ?

Update: March 2019: Relief efforts in drought stricken Kenya continue as we provide desperately needed food water and medical attention in three remote villages where children are starving

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Donor Supported Relief and other Projects

started or Completed in 2017 & 2018

  • Emergency Food Distributions throughout Kenya and Uganda (Ongoing)

  • Anchored Hope Schools / Kenya: Teacher Salaries, School Supplies and “Our Daily Bread” feeding programs (Ongoing)

  • Olomayiana, Kenya: Construction of a teachers living quarters in remote Maasai Land is (Ongoing)

  • A Church, Home and Latrine have been constructed in Porro, Kenya / Samburu Country (Complete)

  • Two more churches have also been planted & constructed in Marti and Baragoi, Kenya. (Ongoing) They are also badly in need of water, food, medical aid, small business and education.

  • Small businesses have been started in three different communities.

  • Educational Scholarships of over $15K per year have been provided in Kenya, Uganda and Liberia (Ongoing)

  • $20,000 has been sent to drill a Borehole (Water Well) in Northern Kenya. This well will provide clean drinking water for an entire community, as well as year round agriculture and promote healthier livestock. Phase two includes… solar power, pump house, pump, water tanks & piping = $20,000 more. (Ongoing)

  • We have purchased over 1000 Bibles in Swahili, Samburu, Maasai, Samburu and Luganda languages.

  • Cameguey, Cuba – Hurricane Harvey Relief (Complete)

  • Naples, Florida – Hurricane Irma Relief (Complete)

  • Oaxaca, Mexico –  Earthquake Relief (Complete)


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