Crisis Relief

Crisis Relief – East Africa


Amidst the challenges of Tribal War, Drought, Famine and Disease, CRI is actively preparing to respond promptly.

Our ongoing relief efforts address the dire situation in drought-stricken East Africa. We extend crucial support, including much-needed food, water, and medical attention to “At Risk Communities” and Schools surrounding our diverse church plants.

CRI is dedicated to reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable populations in countries grappling with War, Persecution, Poverty, and Famine.

While our primary focus is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we acknowledge the harsh reality that malnutrition, lack of clean water, inadequate medical care, and high infant mortality significantly impact real people.

In many instances, Church Planting leads to necessary Crisis Relief initiatives such as Food Distributions, Clean Water Projects, and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Allowing these urgent needs to persist in the towns and villages around our church plants not only results in suffering and loss of life but also severely impedes the spread of the Gospel.

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Your recurring donation to Crisis Relief” helps desperate and hurting people in East Africa and beyond in their greatest time of need. Thank You!